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Football, for many of us the most beautiful game in the world. Over 250 million people play football every week. Combined 3.572 billion people watched the World Cup 2018 in Russia! That’s more than half the world! Some supporters are even more loyal to their favourite team than to their partner. It’s insane isn’t it. But why is football so popular? It’s all about the passion for the game. What a coincidence! That’s exactly what we have at McDavid, passion for football and in particular for goalkeepers.

Goalkeeping gear

As a goalkeeper every detail can be the difference between a world class save or an opponent’s goal. Our McDavid goalkeeping gear delivers just that, at McDavid we take care of every detail! One of the biggest advantages of the McDavid goalkeeping gear is our unique HEX technology. HEX is a liquid resistant material which can stand blood, sweat and tears. From this material we manufacture our special HEX paddings which will protect you against impact from hitting the ground. The paddings won’t tear up as they’re fabricated with a double layer. Besides this, the HEX paddings won’t affect the movement of your body, it is made with flat seam patterns which feels nice and reduces possible irritation. Moreover our goalkeeping collection will keep your skin cool and dry, All thanks to our hDc-moisture management technology. The hDc technology will drive your sweat away from the skin and breaks it down for a quick evaporation. This works in every weather condition: when it’s warm you keep cool, when it’s cold you remain warm.

Worn by professionals

The McDavid gear is proven to work by professionals, Marc-André ter Stegen (FC Barcelona, Germany) and Willy Caballero (Chelsea FC, Argentina) and many more swear by McDavid’s goalkeeping gear. Step up your game, protect yourself with McDavid!
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