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McDavid is your partner for all kinds of sports protection. Preventing injuries and improving athletic performances is our mission. You can find a tremendous variety of SportMed™ products; each designed to offer a targeted level of protection, performance and comfort. At McDavid you can purchase the perfect product type for your shoulder, back, elbow, wrist, ankle, calf, knee or thigh. In addition, you can also find the appropriate sports protection by browsing for a specific sport or body part. Whatever you might buy, with our high-quality design you will always feel at ease while sporting.

Not only runners, soccer, basketball, volleyball and handball players, but also people who work out or play extreme sports find something to their liking at McDavid. Runners for example experience an improved circulation and performance, wearing our Active Running Socks, while a McDavid Knee Brace ensures stability and reduces injuries. Our Hex Shirts and Shorts offer extra protection and support for soccer players.

The cushioning hex material can for example protect the body of a diving goalkeeper from sudden impact. The Hex Shin and Calf Guard is also very popular among soccer players. McDavid Knee Pads, often worn by volleyball players, guarantee extra freedom of movement. Basketball players swear by the elbow protection of the Hex Shooter Arm Sleeve as the compression of the arm maintains muscle warmth. Finally, athletes greatly appreciate the McDavid Ankle Braces. Our braces are designed for unmatched stability and provide confidence for everyone. Discover now which sports protection is suited best for your use.

McDavid has been at the sharp end of sports medicine advancements and is always on the lookout for innovating technology and thinking. Our main focus is offering preventive protection as well as support after an injury. McDavid products are often recommended by physicians and athletic trainers because they may shorten recovery time. With varying levels of support and adjustability, our products offer that little bit more quality.