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Targeted Compression

Targeted compression is a technology where different levels of compression got combined in socks. These compression levels are designed to apply higher pressure at the ankle while gradually tapering the calf. This graduated tension allows better blood flow for faster re-oxygenation and reduction of lactic acid. Socks with targeted compression help you to run/train longer and better and afterwards to recover faster and more completely.

Cross Compression

This technology is used in the McDavid Cross Compression Shorts. It utilizes general compression science and a breathable, high-tenacity technical fabric in a design that mimics the taping techniques of athletic trainers. These techniques address common injuries to the hamstring, glute and quad muscle groups. Cross CompressionTM employs stabilizing compression and a unique banding pattern that mimics the hip spica wrap used to treat groin pulls, hip abductor and flexor strains. This helps to prevent and aids in the recovery of large muscle injuries.

Breathable Knit Compression

Rather than uniformed pressure across the entire leg or arm, our Breathable Knit Compression Technology provide more controlled, varied and effective compression on critical areas. Plus it provides more airflow, support and an enhanced blood-flow. Used in Elbow Sleeves and Ankle Sleeves.
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