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Elite Runners Therapy Shin Splint Support Sleeve [4102]


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The calf and shin support from the Runners Therapy series offers compression and warmth for muscle and shin injuries. This sleeve is specifically designed to reduce pain related to shin splints, calf strains and varicose veins (enlarged and twisted veins). With contoured internal support pads facing the shin, the brace provides healing pressure through its two adjustable and removable pads.

This sleeve with removeable pads is specifically designed to reduce pain related to shin splints, calf strains and varicose veins.

Dual compression anatomical design for enhanced pain relief, recovery and support. Contoured support pads targeted to shin provides healing pressure (2 pads—adjustable/removable). Ergonomic, lightweight design for all-workout comfort and fit. Moisture-wicking, breathable fabric with 4-way stretch. Fits left or right.


The Shin Splint Sleeve comes with two individually removeable, contoured support pads directed towards the tibia to provide healing pressure. Recommended for athletes with mild to moderate pain from shin splints and calf strains.


The thermal compression and extra strong seam offer additional support for soft tissue such as tendons, ligaments, and muscles while also aiding you in recovering from injury.


The sleeve gives just the right amount of compression, helping you to quicker recovery while reducing pain and soreness associated with shin splints, tight calves, muscle cramps and varicose veins.
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