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Arm Compression Sleeve / pair [6566]


McDavid Compression Arm Sleeves are scientifically designed arm sleeves and provide graduated compression support to arms without motion restrictions and they are suitable for all-purpose sports. Due to optimal gradual compression, McDavid Arm Sleeves provide improved energy, better performance and faster muscle recovery to arms. They also prevent injuries and minimize muscle soreness and fatigue in arms.

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Compression Arm Sleeves for support during all sports!

SUPPORT – Arm Sleeves provide great additional support during performance and faster muscle recovery after training, match or workout
COMPRESSION - Compression increases blood flow and circulation and also helps the lymphatic system to work more effectively, which leads to better performance and faster muscle recovery
COMFORTABLE - These Arm Sleeves are lightweight, breathable and moisture wicking to provide maximum comfort for your arms
LAYERING - Fits smoothly as base layer under any sports garment. Always wear with direct contact to skin


360° compression around arms increases circulation and reduces lactic acid build-up and muscle fatigue during exercise, running and ballsports. Make your muscle feel comfortable when doing sport.


Support and Protection for all sports, such as golfing, cycling, fishing, jogging. Great skin protection when doing outdoor activities. Lightweight and breathable, no chafing or seams.


The sleeve is engineered to fit comfortably from the mid-arm to the wrist and includes McDavid's premium hDc™ moisture management technology to insure comfort and quick dry.

Customer Reviews

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Anja K. (Cologne, DE)

Arm Compression Sleeve / pair [6566]

Turmanlai E. (Dresden, DE)

Arm Compression Sleeve / pair [6566]

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