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Ankle Support Brace With Straps [195]


The McDavid 195 Ankle Brace with Straps offer superb ankle support to prevent & heal ankle sprains & injuries. This lightweight ankle brace provides a quick and easy alternative to the taping techniques traditionally used for sprains and other ankle injuries. The McDavid UltraLight Laced Ankle Brace (195) can support your ankle, prevent further damage and ease the pain of your injury. The perfect support for sports like basketball, volleyball, handball, hockey, tennis or any other sport with a lot of horizontal movement.

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The 195 eases pain just like traditional taping. The fully adjustable anke brace can be tightened quickly without shoe removal.

Athletes participating in an independent study at a major research university had 3x fewer injuries when wearing the 195. Constructed of single-layer polyester fabric for full support and minimal weight. Allows comfortable, unrestricted movement during play. Protects weakened ankles during recovery from sprains and injuries. Lightweight and flexible can be worn under boots or shoes. Can be easily adjusted during play.


One of the great benefits of the 195 Ankle Brace is the custom fit. The two "figure 6" stirrup straps can easily be adjusted without removing the brace. You will never need tape on you ankles anymore.


The McDavid 195 has laces for an individual tension around your ankle. The laces are covered with straps so they don’t bother you during your favourite sports activity.


The 195 Ankle Brace fixates your ankle and prevents it from dislocating sideways Knowing this we added a stretchable arc at the achilles so the resistance while moving forward is limited!

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
David T.J. (Madrid, ES)
Ankle brace

excellent support ! totally light without any kind of touch. It feels like a second sock! Very recommendable product!

martin b. (Kirchdorf an der Krems, AT)

Best support I found

Holger B. (Offenburg, DE)
Ankle brace / highly recommended

I had several issues with my ankle joint in the past and I've been using ankle support braces for years now. In fact, the McDavid is the best one so far, I am highly satisfied. The only slight problem is the size. My EU shoe size is 42 and size S for the support brace is almost too small. I was really thinking about returning it to get a size M, but in the end I decided to keep it. The quality and stability it delivers, however, is excellent and I move around the court without any worries about my ankle. Great. I hope that material will stand the test of time and that it will not show signs of wear too early. We'll see about that. First impression: Highly recommended.

Peter V.d.B. (Barendrecht, NL)
Ankle brace

Superbrace, great support, felt very secure with my tennisgame after ankle been broken. First time somewhat strange but second time almost natursl on my ankle.

Niklas B. (Donzdorf, DE)

They have the perfect fit and very gut protection

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