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Only the original has the characteristics that makes it unique. Only the original serves the protection you need for an outstanding performance.

Only McDavid knows how to manufacture the true original HEX. Because your sports is our specialty, to protect you is our goal.

Protective apparel began with our brand McDavid. It started here and here it remains the industry standard.

Patents: US RE41,346 E, US RE42,689 E, US RE43,441 E, US RE43,994 E, US RE44,851 E

What is hex?

The HEX Technology is a superior, closed cell foam padding. To add this foam to our sleeves, shirts and shorts it is uniquely and permanently bonded to our high quality hDc™ moisture management fabric!


How is it made?

Never heard about foam padding and moisture management fabric before? No worries! The so-called closed cell foam is a liquid resistance material and though can stand blood, sweat and tears. Moreover, this material is ideal for areas where greater pressure is anticipated. Out of this material, McDavid is cutting a bunch of little foam hexagons. That’s where the name is coming from: HEXagon. By sticking them again together we form the HEX padding. This padding will finally be permanently bonded to the fabric of shorts, shirts and sleeves.

Why do you need it?

The HEX padding gives every athlete, in any contact or collision sport, the remarkable advantages of protection, durability – and for sure confidence. Countless professional and amateur athletes choose to wear McDavid HEX. A long-time believer is the professional goalkeeper Marc-André ter Stegen who’s widely considered one of the best goalkeepers in the world: “I believe in McDavid HEX products—they just feel right when I wear them. For me or any world-class athlete, it’s vital that we feel protected.”


Only the original is unique and worn all around the world.
And only the original will remain the leader, the innovator and the preferred choice.