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Back Support

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Back support belt

A popular form of back support is a back support belt. In our assortment, you will find a range of belts for different purposes. Also, the level of support and impact protection differs for every product within this line. Apart from the logo, the great quality of the product is the thing that is the same for every back support belt. Although many people have occasional back pain, the importance of good back support is often overlooked. Our back support belts offer different levels of support from light support to heavy-duty stabilization.

McDavid back braces

Wearing back braces can help enormously in recovering from a back injury. While relieving pain, it also helps to stabilize your back muscles, which speeds up recovery. Usually, wearing braces can weaken the muscles around a joint, but for back braces, this works differently. However wearing a back brace for a longer period of time also weakens your muscles, not wearing one and not moving because of pain does so, too. This means that back braces can be worn anytime in order to reduce back pain and injuries.

Back support during sports

Lower back support is essential during many types of sports. Jumping, and running can cause heavy impacts on the bones and muscles in the lower back. Also turning and falling can make the lower back move into awkward shapes and positions making it prone to bad injuries. In order to prevent or reduce damage, wearing good back support during sports is never a bad idea. Also, protecting other joints with good knee support or ankle support is essential for doing sports safely.

Buying McDavid back support is the official webshop for all your McDavid gear. You can find several types of back support in our store. Can’t decide which one is the best for you? Please do not hesitate to contact our customer support for assistance in finding the best back support for your back issues. On top of our helpful support, we offer you the best prices for all McDavid products. If you order for more than €30, your products are being shipped free of charge!
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