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Elite Runners Therapy Iliotibial Support Band Strap [4103]


The Runner's Therapy Iliotibial Band Strap is lightweight therapeutic support that provides pain relief associated with moderate IT band issues.

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Suitable for any athlete with a runners knee or jumpers knee, offering adjustable compression and supportive pressure.

Adjustable strap for controllable compression fit and increased support pressure for IT band pain relief. Contoured support pad on the inside of the strap offers targeted to IT Band provides healing pressure. Ergonomic, lightweight design for all-workout comfort and fit. Slip-resistant lined neoprene keeps strap in position during muscle expansion and contraction. Fits left or right.


The adjustable strap offers controllable compression fit and increase the support pressure for IT Band pain relief. The slip resistant neoprene keeps the strap in position during muscle expansion and contraction.


On the inside of the strap there is a contoured support gel pad that is targeted to the Iliotibial band and offers healing pressure. The strap offers therapeutic relief from the symtoms od moderate IT band pain.


This strap promotes a full range of motion. It includes the Crosstrap technology, meaning there's a slit in in the strap that you can pull the other side through. That will let you adjust the strap so that the pressure is in the exact location you need.

Customer Reviews

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Customer (Amsterdam, NL)
I can run again

Even though I have a snapping ITB I can now continue my running schedule again.

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