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Elite Compression Arm Sleeve / Single [6511]


More power for your arm muscles: the ELITE Compression Arm Sleeves with pleasantly firm compression stimulate blood circulation and thus increase the oxygen supply of the muscles. Your muscles remain strong for longer, recover faster and are therefore better protected against injuries. They are commonly worn during any sports or physical activities in which you are using your arms, like basketball, volleyball, handball, as arm sleeve for running, cycling, or as support for your workout at the gym.

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Increase your performance with the Elite Compression Arm Sleeve

Reduce and prevent pain in game – the compression arm sleeves are made to support muscles while preventing abrasions and scratches.
Comfort you can trust - breathable knit compression for comfort and performance.
Moisture wicking technology - keep cool & dry with advanced hdc® moisture management tech. Ensures cool, dry odor-free performance.
Machine washable and dryable.

Durability and comfort

Elite Compression arm sleeves are designed for extreme durability and comfort. Made of long-lasting 80% polyester / 20% spandex, which is a quick drying fabric that wicks away sweat to keep you dry and comfortable.

Flat-lock technology

Built with flat-locking technology at the seams to provide superior strength that will resist ripping and tearing during heavy usage. The flat-locking technology also helps minimize irritation that is caused by chafing.

Increased performance

Elite Compression arm sleeves help increase blood circulation, prevent muscles from tightening up and aid faster muscle recovery. The hDc® Moisture Management Technology keeps your skin cool and dry.
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