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McDavid Handball. The Best Gear For Protection And Performance.

Handball has the power to inspire, change and promote life values. An arena isn’t just the place where you sit and watch people throw the ball around. It’s a place where you experience countless different emotions. Nothing else makes you feel like that. Sport means so much! And your sport is our specialty. McDavid and Handball, it’s a long love story. We brought our knowledge of the perfect basketball protection from the US and transformed it into innovative handball performance gear for professionals or an amateur player. The passion for the best Handball protection gear on the market drives us to constantly improve our products and become better every day. The loyalty of our high-profile ambassadors (hier link van blog zetten) proves that.

Large assortment of protection gear, compression and SportMedTM products.

Are you looking for the right handball protection to play with confidence? McDavid HEX Sleeves for Arm and Leg protect your elbows or knees with a superior HEX protection pad that moves with your body. McDavid compression gear helps speed up the progress of rebuilding the muscles after exercising and keep the muscles warm to help prevent injuries. Various ankle braces, knee braces and more give you extra support or help you to recover from when an injury does happen.
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